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Drew Brees has already left his mark on football as one of the NFL’s most prolific passers of all time. Now he’s aiming even higher.Youth Football Jerseys.The New Orleans Saints quarterback is launching a co-ed youth flag football league that he hopes will grow into a safer alternative to tackle football across the country.”I think that this has the opportunity to really save the game of football, honestly,” said Brees, who didn’t hide his passion or ambition for the Football ‘N’ America league, which will kick off this fall in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Covington, Louisiana, before expanding into other states next year and possibly nationwide someday.”I think we’re filling a void that is much-needed,” said Brees, who developed the idea with longtime friend and marketing agent Chris Stuart while coaching their sons’ flag football team in San Diego over the past two offseasons.Throwback Jerseys.”We felt like, you know what, we have the opportunity here to really create what will be the premier youth co-ed flag football league in America.”

Long before Julio Jones was an All-Pro receiver, he was a five-star recruit from Foley, Ala., and he was recruited by Alabama’s Nick Saban and Pete Caroll, who was then the head coach at USC.Custom Jerseys.Carroll, however, didn’t have much of a chance to make an impression on the young WR, even when he visited him.NBC Sports radio host Rob Buska recounted on Wednesday’s Pro Football Talk Live a discussion with Carroll about his attempt to sign Jones, and the impediments he faced along the way.”We loved Julio so much, and he went to this high school in the middle of nowhere, in the sticks there in Alabama,” Buska recalled Carroll saying, per Jon Schlosser of All 22. “We flew in to see him, and once we got out of the car, at the football field, during the middle of practice, coach saw me and knew who I was.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.He took Jones off the field, ran him inside, got the principal and the athletic director, and locked the school.”Got Nick Saban at Alabama on the phone right away, and said, ‘Hey, Pete Carroll’s outside.’ Next thing you know, there’s your full scholarship right there.”

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