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Houston and Cincinnati scored a combined seven points in Week 1. Their quarterbacks were sacked 15 times. Heck, the teams had two more turnovers than points scored in the first week of the season.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Sure, this is likely something the NFL couldn’t have foreseen. Houston is coming off two consecutive AFC South titles. The Bengals have earned a playoff spot in five of the past six seasons. For all intents and purposes, it should have been a highly entertaining game.That’s before Texans starting quarterback Tom Savage was benched at halftime in Week 1 and Andy Dalton of the Bengals turned the ball over five times in an embarrassing shutout loss to Baltimore in his team’s season opener.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.It’s not as much that the schedule makers couldn’t foresee a bad game here. Instead, it’s simply been par for the course for the NFL.

Teams will now be penalized 15 yards, and the game clock will be restored, if they commit multiple fouls on the same play in an effort to manipulate the game clock.Authentic NFL Jerseys.This seemingly obscure change is directed at a strategy employed by the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens last season, as well as by the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. The 49ers, for example, committed defensive holding on every New Orleans Saints receiver they were defending on one play during a two-minute drill, leaving quarterback Drew Brees without a viable target. The 49ers gladly traded a 5-yard penalty for valuable time drained off the clock. I’m sad but not surprised to see this one go.Jerseys For Sale.NFL teams rarely employ non-traditional strategies, and this certainly was a good one. But generally speaking, teams shouldn’t be rewarded for breaking the rules.

There has (rightly) been focus on the revival of Jared Goff under new Rams coach Sean McVay, but just as important has been Todd Gurley.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.In three games this season, the running back has already matched his touchdown total (six) in all of 2016. Gurley was the offensive rookie of the year in 2015—the season after he tore his ACL, no less—but his production took a major step back last season. This year, McVay has made Gurley a centerpiece of the Rams offense, utilizing his skills as both a runner and a pass-catcher, which has been good for both Gurley and Goff.Cheap China Jerseys.The reason Gurley was the No. 10 pick in the draft, despite his ACL tear five months before, was that some teams viewed him as the best running back to enter the NFL since Adrian Peterson.

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